Drum lessons in Seattle, WA

Take drum lessons from one of Seattle's premiere drummers and drumming instructors

Welcome to Spano Drum Studio and the Art of Drumming. My lesson studios are state-of-the-art and provide everything you need for high quality, high results one on one drum lessons.

Beginner, mid-level and advanced lessons cover: The German Grip, the French Grip and the Traditional Grip. You will also learn to apply different sticking techniques such as the Moeller Technique, the Push-Pull Technique, the Drop Bounce Technique, and the Finger Technique for both the German and French Grips.

We will also work on endurance, power and speed which will help unlock the doors to different feels and styles of music such as Rock, Jazz, Latin, Funk and will help tap the creative mind in mastering the art of drumming.

4 ONE HOUR lessons per month - pre-paid $190.00
4 HALF HOUR lessons per month - pre-paid $130.00

Teaching Studio located in West Seattle - Google Map
Call Rick at: (206) 353-1158 or use our Contact Page Here